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Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles Ft Myers FL

Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles

Ft Myers Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles
Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles in and near Ft Myers Florida

Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles near Ft Myers

Riding your motorcycle in Southwest Florida is paradise but it comes with a price. Sand, dirt and rain can take their toll on your chain and sprockets and few people realize that risk of riding with them worn and when they need to replace them.

Motorcycle chains and sprockets have a life expectancy though some people seem to think they will last forever. You replace one and not the other and you are seriously cutting into the life of both and possibly risking your own safety. Chain and sprocket maintenance is of the utmost importance and it becomes a real hazard when you ignore this simple part of owning a motorcycle. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you know the advantages / disadvantages of an aluminum sprocket vs. a steel one?
  • What is the difference between an O-Ring chain and an X-Ring chain? Which one is better for your bike?
  • Do you want your chain and sprockets to look cool or are you more interested in longevity?
  • How do you know when your chain needs to be adjusted?
  • How often should you lube your chain and how do you do it correctly? (Hint – it’s NOT ok to just spray chain lube on your chain every week before you ride.)

Stop in to Holiday Motorsports and let us show you the right way to keep your chain and sprockets looking new and choose from a huge selection of chains and sprockets when it’s time to replace them. With the proper care your chain and sprockets can last much longer than if you just let them go and hope for the best. It only takes a few minutes to do it properly. Let us show you how to care for your chain and sprockets on your own and save you money down the road.

Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles Ft Myers FL
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Ft Myers Chain and Sprockets for Motorcycles
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